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A Cinematic Horological Tribute

A Cinematic Horological Tribute

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has created a fitting tribute to commemorate the 50th anniversary of Francis Ford Coppola’s legendary film The Godfather with a limited edition timepiece inspired by the acclaimed mob drama. As a longtime licenser of The Godfather brand for luxury items, Jacob & Co.’s Opera collection debuted the Opera Godfather watch in 2022. Now with the trilogy’s seminal first movie celebrating its golden anniversary in 2023, the acclaimed luxury watchmaker has unveiled an even more ambitious follow-up: the Jacob & Co. Opera Godfather 50th Anniversary watch.

Commemorating The Godfather’s 50 Year Legacy

2023 marks half a century since Marlon Brando first growled, “I’m gonna make him an offer he can’t refuse.” As one of the most influential films ever made, The Godfather spawned two hit sequels and an enduring pop culture franchise. The movies’ central Corleone family, led by patriarch Vito Corleone, remain an archetype of the mafia code and dynasty.

Jacob Arabo, founder and creative director of Jacob & Co., has a deep personal connection to The Godfather films. As an immigrant who arrived in America at 14 without money or English skills, Arabo resonated with Vito Corleone’s famous line “I believe in America”. Watching The Godfather during its re-release was even the first movie he saw in a theater. This special meaning to Arabo drove Jacob & Co.’s licensing deal to create Godfather themed luxury items like the Opera Godfather timepiece.

In honor of the original movie’s 50th birthday, Jacob & Co. is launching its Opera Godfather 50th Anniversary watch. Strictly limited to just 50 pieces to commemorate each year since 1972, every aspect of this special edition was designed as an homage to the groundbreaking trilogy. The end result is a truly unique horological tribute befitting the iconic saga’s legacy.

Jacob & Co Opera 50th anniversary

Design Details Inspired by Key Movie Moments

From the intricate engraving work to the bespoke complications, the Opera Godfather 50th Anniversary watch brings The Godfather films to life in so many details:

  • Film Reel Case Engraving: Scenes from all three movies are etched onto the case sides to mimic an old cinema film roll, with remarkable depth and realism. Over 30 hours of specialized nanolaser and femtolaser engraving went into each piece.
  • Corleone Color Schemes: The blue face, gold accents, and tan leather strap reflect the color palette of the Corelone family itself.
  • Quotes & Symbols: Twin barrels inside the watch feature 120 hand-riveted pins to “play” the iconic movie score on the music box. The barrels are engraved with famous Godfather quotes that spin into view as the mechanism activates.
  • Limited Edition Markings: From the “50 Years” markings to the trilogy’s puppet string logo, nods to the 50th celebration abound.

This painstaking attention to detail turns the Opera Godfather 50th Anniversary into a true collectors item – an homage worthy of the fictional Corleone family itself.

Jacob Co Opera Godfath 3 Jacob & Co Opera Godfather 50th Anniversary Watch

Constructed with Luxury Materials Worthy of a Don

The Opera Godfather 50th Anniversary watch matches the technical complexity expected from Jacob & Co.’s Opera collection with suitably luxurious materials:

  • 18K White & Rose Gold: The case, bezel, buckle, and crown utilize solid gold for a decadent feel. Some elements like the side crowns and case back incorporate rose gold PVD coating as a visual accent.
  • Premium Leather: Each piece comes on a hand-stitched Italian tan alligator leather strap reminiscent of a vintage 1940s aesthetic.
  • Blue Enamel Dial with Diamonds: The rich blue color and faceted diamond design (over 2 carats total) give the watch face elegance and depth. The grand feu enamel crafting the dial involves an intricate hand finishing process to achieve its fine sheen.
  • Anti-Reflective Crystal: A highly domed sapphire crystal provides an optimal view onto the dial while resisting scratches. The curved shape almost seems to magnify the details underneath.

This painstaking selection and application of fine materials befits the level of artisanry that goes into a Jacob & Co. timepiece.

Jacob and co opera godfather wrist shot

Advanced Horological Complications & Craftsmanship

Beneath the cinematic flourishes lies an haute horology masterpiece leveraging multiple complex watchmaking techniques:

  • Perpetual Calendar: Accurate until the year 2100, the perpetual calendar automatically accounts for short and long months.
  • Minute Repeater: Activated on demand, the watch “chimes” with the iconic Godfather theme song melody.
  • Triple Axis Flying Tourbillon: The rotating tourbillon cages negate the effects of gravity at three different rotational speeds.
  • Power Reserve: Over 50 hours of reserve means the timepiece can run for days when fully wound.

It takes over 800 man hours of expert Swiss craftsmanship to assemble the 658-part JCFM04 manual movement powering these complications. The result is a tribune to high watchmaking worthy of any horology collector.

Jacob & Co Opera complications

Bespoke Musical Caliber with Cinematic Touches

While minute repeaters that chime tunes have existed before, Jacob & Co.’s execution in the Opera Godfather 50th Anniversary takes it to another level:

  • The musical mechanism’s twin engraved barrels rotate to display 13 iconic film quotes.
  • Activating the 30-second melody spins the entire dial as an added animation.
  • The violin-shaped lever to trigger the music box adds a whimsical touch.
  • A hand-painted rose at the mechanism’s center contrasts against the black & gold theme.

This focus on dynamic visual and aural entertainment as much as precise timekeeping makes the piece a true showstopper. Every engagement unfurls more details and surprises just like the epic trilogy itself.

jacobandcocom 211206647 Jacob & Co Opera Godfather 50th Anniversary Watch

Presented in a Case Worthy of a Don Corleone

For this 50-piece reference OP110.30.AA.AA.ABALA limited edition, Jacob & Co. pulls out all the stops on presentation itself:

  • An ornate lacquered box with artwork from the Godfather trilogy
  • Matching Godfather fountain pen from Jacob & Co.
  • Crystal decanter bearing Marlon Brando’s portrait

It’s a package befitting the ultimate Godfather fanatic. And priced at $500,000 USD, only the most devoted high watch collectors can secure this exclusive set.

Jacob & Co Opera packaging
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